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About AQI,

Accelerated Quality Improvement is a company committed to helping businesses implement high levels of quality quickly and efficiently.

AQI’s mission is to help organizations enhance business performance and employee capability by leveraging quality management practices, methods, and tools that are most suited to their specific situation and business needs.

AQI's approach to quality is multi-faceted. We do not belive that there is a single solution, tool, or methodology that will address all types of problems or all types of organizations. There are often many different solutions and tools that can be used effectively to solve quality problems. There are also many different paths that one can take to achieve short term and long term quality goals.

More than anything else, AQI believes that a "one-size-fits-all" approach to process and quality improvement is wrong.

We thus offer more comprehensive solutions that may fold in different models, methodologies and methods, including CMMI, ITIL, Six Sigma, ISO 9000, Agile and more.

Those seeking high levels of quality and performance improvements in their business and technical processes need to be given an assortment of tools, depending on the nature of their business, their people and their problems; tools that they can use along with the training necessary to help them understand how and when these solutions are best applied.

We also provide services (see our services page) which include:

  1. Process Assessments
  2. Six Sigma Certification Training
    • White Belt
    • Yellow Belt
    • Green Belt
    • Black Belt
  3. Focused Skill Training (see our Skills Training page)
  4. Workshops and Webinars (see our Webinar and Events pages)
  5. Management Consulting
  6. Outsourced Support (mentoring, project gonvernance, project reviews)
  7. Rent-a-Master-Black Belt
  8. PMP® training (online)
  9. CMMI® Training (introduction)
  10. ITIL® Training (introduction)

We offer scalable tools and solutions that range from individual tutoring to organizational program support.

"Reproduced with permission from Six Sigma Software Quality Improvement,
McGraw Hill, 2011 by Vic Nanda and Dr. Jeff Robinson

The tools and methods that we provide not only need to meet the needs of the problem, they need to meet the needs of individuals and stakeholders in a business or organization.

Regardless whether your business or organization is large or small, whether your problems are of a technical or business nature, or whether you are seeking a new quality program or seeking to reinvigorate an existing one, our expertise and experience can help guide you through the maze of different and often competing approaches to help you find the one that suits you the best.

AQI's approach is a multifaceted one that spans multiple disciplines.

Our approach offers complementary solution sets to address the ever changing problems that you face.

If you are looking for fast, effective, and enduring solutions to your quality and process problems, you have come to the right place.

AQI Approach

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