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AQI is your comprehensive partner if you are undertaking an overall process and quality improvement effort, or if you have a specific process or quality problem that you need to correct immediately.

Process and quality improvement: The quality of the output is invariably related to the quality of the process that produces that output. This is the underlying premise of “process improvement”. By leveraging our vast experience with improvement methodologies and frameworks such as Six Sigma, CMMI, ITIL, and ISO 9001, we can make a meaningful and lasting impact to your organization.

Problem Solving: With your vast experience with proven improvement methodology such as Six Sigma, AQI's consultants can help you articulate the problem statement or improvement opportunity and develop the business case – the necessary “burning platform” to spur change in your organization. With our extensive experience in change management and the human side of “resistance to change”, we can help launch a change management campaign, systematically identifying and overcoming barriers to change, and leveraging change supporters in the organization to build the necessary momentum to effect the change.

Strategic Improvement: Program development and Process Improvement. If you are not sure what type of quality program is best for your environment, we can help guide you through the process of developing appropriate quality goals and plans

Other consulting: We also do related consulting inclluding services ranging from assessments and audits, development of certification programs and training, custom training and event web site development to enhance your IT quality presence.

Please contact us for a complimentary initial consultation to help us understand your needs and provide a specific proposal on how best we can meet your needs.