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Outsourced Support

AQI is your one stop shop if you want to reap the rewards of deploying a Six Sigma program but lack the expertise or resources to launch and sustain such a program on your own. AQI will help you all along the way – starting with:

  • how to launch a Six Sigma progam
  • how to identify Six Sigma projects that matter and help “move the needle” on measures that matter to senior management
  • how to sustain your Six Sigma program through effective project reviews so that your Six Sigma program does not lose momentum
  • how to compute and demonstrate ROI from Six Sigma projects, and
  • sharing of Six Sigma best practices from the industry (gathered from our benchmarking study of several leading companies with successful Six Sigma programs profiled in our most recent book: "Six Sigma Software Quality Improvement – Success Stories from the High-Tech Industry”

In fact, you can even outsource all of the above activities to AQI wherein we will execute annual Six Sigma program "Jumpstarts" and perform ongoing program governance, thus minimizing/eliminating the overhead on you of running the Six Sigma program, and instead enabling you to invest in the development of Six Sigma expertise of your personnel executing Six Sigma projects.

Furthermore, our Rent-A-Black-Belt service provides you the benefit of Six Sigma mentors on hand, like having a virtual employee – onsite or remote.

Annual Jumpstart
A yearly multiday workshop that identifies critical activities and priorities for the rest of the year to ensure that projects are planned and aligned with current business needs

Program Management
Ongoing support of Green belt and Black Belt candidates who are training or earning their Six Sigma certifications. This service includes onsite or remote mentoring, Q&A, regular project reviews, and specific project support to keep respective Green Belt or Black Belt candidates engaged and on track.

The Rent-a-Black Belt program is ideal for unplanned interventions or projects that require special or immediate attention. The availability of experienced Six Sigma practitioners can make a real difference with unexpected problem arise that require experienced handling.


To learn more about these programs or to schedule such services click here

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