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Vic Nanda
Conference Presentations & Industry Meetings:
Jeff Robinson
  • One Good Idea - An Action Model for Risk, QP, ASQ magazine, Nov 2012
  • How to Sustain Six Sigma Programs, Orlando Florida,2012 International Conference on ISO 9000, Feb 28, 2012
  • An Action Model for Risk and Uncertainty in Decision Making - How to Avoid the Paralysis of Analysis, Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference, Oct 2012
  • A Quantitative Model for Evaluating the Return On Investment for Quality Related Process Improvement Activities, with John Pellegrin, 2003
  • The Problem with Planning, Guest Editorial – APICS The Performance Advantage, May 1999
  • A Comparison of Critical Ratio versus Slack Time for On-time Delivery Dispatchers, SES 98, St. Charles, Ill., 6/1998
  • Computer Interaction Styles, Information Strategies, Spring, 1999
  • A Manufacturing Paradigm that Combines Discrete and Continuous Methods (Parts 1&2), PIMJ, Winter 1998
  • New Lot Tracking Paradigms for Automated Manufacturing - A Case Study PIMJ, Winter 1998
  • Fault Tolerance, CSS579 - Risk Management, University of Phoenix, July 1997
  • A Real-Time, Line Balancing, Performance-To-Plan Dispatching Algorithm For Paperless Semiconductor Manufacturing, Dallas, Jun’96
  • QA Gate Elimination at Final Test Through the Use of Statistical Process Control Techniques, TEM SABA Nov 1993
  • Basic Questions about Object Technology, 1993 Winter Advanced Mfg Technologies Symposium, Feb 1993
  • Concurrent Processing: A New Manufacturing Paradigm, TEM SABA, Nov 1992
  • Object Oriented versus Structured Programming Methods, Information Strategies, Spring 1993
  • Extensions to Process Definition Languages to Model Automated Manufacturing Environments, TEM SABA Nov 1992
  • The Dark Side of Software Metrics, Information Strategies, Winter 1992
  • In Search of the Technological Panacea, Information Strategies June 1992
  • Success: The Missing Paradigm, Technical Enrichment Matrix (TEM), Scientific Advisory Board Associates (SABA), Oct 1991
  • Successful CIM in Other Industries, Pharmaceutical Technologies, Sept 1990
  • Role of CIM in Quality, Quality Magazine Jan 1987
  • CIM Software Improves Efficiency at Cardiac Pacemaker Hybrid Plant Hybrid Circuit Technology, April 1986 Vol 3 No 4
  • How to Select a CAM System, National Institute of Management Research Oct 1985
  • CIM in Hybrid Manufacturing, Hybrid Circuit Technology, April 1985, Vol 2 No 4
  • June 2014 – “Everything I Ever Needed to Know about Quality, I Learned in Driver’s Ed”, ASQ Phx chapter monthly meeting
  • Nov 2013 - "Creative Applications of Failure Mode Effects Analysis, ASQ Phx chapter monthly meeting
  • Mar 2013 "Creative Applications of Failure Mode Effects Analysis, 2013 ASQ Lean Six Sigma Conference, Phoenix Arizona
  • Oct 2012,“Keys to Successful Six Sigma Programs: Lessons Learned From the High-Tech Industry”, Oct 2012 ICSQ, Indianapolis, IN
  • March 2013 Creative Applications of Failure Mode Effects Analysis, ASQ 2013 Lean Six Sigma Conference, Phoenix, Arizona
  • October 2012 Quantitative Risk Assessment Techniques; International Conference on Software Quality, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • October 2012 An Action Model for Risk and Uncertainty in Decision Making - How to Avoid the Paralysis of Analysis, Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference
  • June 2012 Change Acceleration (Overcoming Resistance to Change); ASQ Phoenix Section, Phoenix, AZ, ,
  • January 2012 An Action Model for Risk ASQ Phoenix Section,Phoenix, AZ,
  • March 2010 Leaning Six Sigma Projects -How to Run a DMIC Project in 5 Days - ASQ 2010 Lean and Six Sigma Conference March 8-9. Phoenix, AZ
  • June 2004 It’s Not Rocket Science- APICS professional development seminar on Planning and Forecasting
  • March 2004 A Project Manager’s Guide to Statistics PMI  Phoenix chapter PDU seminar
  • Feb 2004 Killer Value Proposition – in conjunction with Business Kinetics – a web based seminar
  • Nov 2003, Six Sigma and the Black Belt Program, PMI  Phoenix Chapter November PDU Workshop
  • Aug 2003, Everything I Ever Needed to Learn about Project Management, I Learned in Driver’s Ed, PMI  workshop, Phoenix Chapter
  • Feb 2003, Creating International High Maturity Software Centers, Feb 26 2003, SEPG Boston, Mass.
  • Sept 2001, Culture Shock, 2001 Annual Conference on Telecommunications and Electronics, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Campus Cuernavaca, Mexico
  • Feb 2001, Software Engineering Skills - Emerging Industry Needs, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Campus Cuernavaca, Mexico
  • June 1997Converting from a Legacy System to PROMIS with minimal downtime; U-145, PROMIS User Conference Proceedings
  • June 1997 Techniques for Fast Transition to New PROMIS Systems, PROMIS User Conference,
  • Oct 1995 Panel Member, Project Management Symposium/Seminar, Project Management Institute, American Graduate School of International Management, Glendale, Az
  • June 1994  Electronic Minimum System Documentation Requirements (EMSDR), Software Engineering Symposium, Schaumburg, Ill
  • May 1992 The Cognitive Aspects of Object Oriented and Structured Methods, Motorola Object Oriented Design Conference
  • Sept 1990 Successful CIM in Pharmaceutical Industries, Pharmaceutical Technologies 10th Annual Conference, Boston
  • Oct 1987 SEMICON EAST, The Manager’s Dilemma, a paper on technical data analysis
  • Apr 1986 Ontario CAD/CAM Centre, Why Systems Fail, Ontario Canada
  • Oct 1985 How to Select a CIM System, National Institute of Management Research, San Jose, Ca
  • Apr 1985 DEC Advanced Technology (ACT) Symposium, Los Angeles, Ca
  • Apr 1984 DEXPO - DEC sponsored symposium, Los Angeles, Ca.
  • 1981, 1985  Hosted national conferences on Computer Integrated Manufacturing - CIM (PROMIS)


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