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Not all organizations can manage their own internal Six Sigma programs to identify, select, train, and nuture their own Six Sigma practitioners. Moveover, because of the years of special training and experience required to earn Six Sigma certification, such resources are often scarce and expensive.

However, if you need the services to a certified Six Sigma Black Belt or Master Black Belt, you can hire such capabilities on a part time basis.

Outsourcing your Six Sigma support provides significant benefits, so much so that a well-run Six Sigma program yields substantial documented financial benefits and thus pays for itself. By learning from today's leading companies with robust Six Sigma programs, AQI has identified key "Six Sigma Program Success Factors" (documented in our latest book - Six Sigma Software Quality Improvement, McGraw Hill) which we can help deploy in your company.
Benefits include:

  • Launching of meaningful Six Sigma projects that help move the needle on key metrics that are part of management's annual objectives (AQI's Annual Jumpstart for your Six Sigma program will identify prioritized list of Six Sigma projects for your company goals)
  • Sustained momentum in Six Sigma prpgram with effective project reviews facilitated by AQI
  • Documented anticipated and actualfinancial benefits for each Six Sigma project (helping you determine upfront which projects will yield greater benefits and should be funded over others)
  • Deployment of best-in-class Six Sigma practices (gathered from our benchmarking study of several leading companies with successful Six Sigma programs profiled in our recent book)
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