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These are workshops not associated with Six Sigma certification training.. These workshops cover topics ranging form ISO 9000, to CMMI process areas, ITIL disciplines, project management and more.

Topic Duration Delivery
Six Sigma    

Six Sigma Overview for Managers

Leaning DMAIC projects - How to run a DMAIC project in 5 days    
Keeping savings real - How to measure ROI    
Six Sigma Metrics – Measuring the process, not the product    
Aligning Six Sigma Projects – Ensuring Impact on the Bottom Line    
Selecting Six Sigma Projects - What is and is not a Six Sigma Project    
Six Sigma Crisis Management – When You Need Analysis and Solutions Fast    
Six Sigma and CMMI    
Causal Analysis and Resolution (CAR)
Configuration Management (CM)    
Software Development Lifecycles - Waterfall, V model, spiral, incremental, evolutionary, RAD, JAD and more    
Configuration Management (CM)    
Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR)    
Integrated Project Management +IPPD (IPM)    
Measurement and Analysis (MA)    
Organizational Innovation and Deployment (OID)    

Organizational Process Definition +IPPD (OPD)

Organizational Process Focus (OPF)    
Organizational Process Performance (OPP)    
Organizational Training (OT)    
Product Integration (PI)    
Project Monitoring and Control (PMC)    
Project Planning (PP)    
Process and Product Quality Assurance (PPQA)    
Quantitative Project Management (QPM)    
Requirements Development (RD)    
Requirements Management (REQM)    
Risk Management (RSKM)    
Supplier Agreement Management (SAM)    
Technical Solution (TS)    
Validation (VAL)    
Verification (VER)    
ISO 9000

ISO Auditing Refresher Workshop 3 hours  
ITIL Overview    
Change Management 3 hours  
Incident management    
Configuration Management    
Problem Management    
Release and Deployment Management    
Availability Management    
Capacity Management    
Service Level Management    

CMMI and Agile    
Orthogonal Defect Classification    
Document Inspection Workshop    
Quality Metrics    
Project metrics    
Project Estimation Workshop 3 hours  
Software Quality Bootcamp 8 hours  
Quantitative Risk Assessment Techniques 4 hours  
Contact us if you are interested in these workshops being offered again in the near future.    






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